Women’s Views On Football Posters

Many NFL fans, most of them men, although some women enjoy football as well, like to display posters of their favorite players and teams on the walls of their home. They could be put them on the walls of the bedroom, dining room, hall, or whatever part of the house that has room to exhibit them. The number of posters could vary from one to numerous. How do women feel about these posters being displayed on the walls of the home that they share with these fans? Well some wouldnít have a problem with it, yet others would.


On one hand, a woman may enjoy seeing these posters of football players being displayed in their home. One reason for this is that they may enjoy looking at the players in their uniforms, and may think of the player as attractive, even sexy in their form-fitting football attire. Another reason that some women may enjoy having these posters displayed in their home is because they may be fans themselves, and it may make them feel proud to have posters of their favorite players in their home.


On the other hand, some women become quite annoyed when their mates (or even sons) place these football-related posters on the walls of their home. They may find them an unwanted, unwelcome annoyance and resent having to look at them on a day-to-day basis. Women may also find these posters unsightly and feel that they clash with the decor that they have in their houses. The woman may want to put up posters, or some other type of decoration of her own choosing, but canít because the football posters are taking up the space. This could possibly lead to arguments and other problems. These problems and/or arguments can be solved or even completely eliminated if the people involved agree to compromise. Perhaps the NFL fan could choose to display his pictures only in designated areas, such as a garage, den or other agreed-upon area. Another way that they could compromise is by taking turns displaying their decorations or posters of choice. The NFL fan could agree to only keep the posters up during the official football season, and then remove them after the Super Bowl. There are many ways for women to coexist with the football fan in their life, whether theyíre fans themselves, or not. All it takes is just a little understanding and compromise, and these posters should cause no problems.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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