Football betting frenzy begins in one month!

While you all are sitting around sucking on a Pina Colada, I hope you are doing your due diligence and keeping up with the goings on in the National Football League. The Hall of Fame game will kickoff on August 6th from Canton, Ohio and will mark the return of Art Schell to the Raiders family!

Also setting up shop in Raider land is former Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks and he will have some healthy wide receivers in Randy Moss, Jerry Porter and Doug Gabriel as well as talented running back Lamont Gordon. Oakland will be a better team mainly due to the fact that Norv Turner is not calling the shots anymore. With Schell simplifying the offense to a more play action and inside running style, points could be plentiful. They have added some major speed on defense in Texas standout Huff and UTEP linebacker Howard, but look for some high scoring affairs.


Life should be a bit calmer in Philadelphia for coach Andy Reid as they put the Owens fiasco behind them. They did go out and grab Jabar Gaffney from the Texans to go along with Todd Pinkston and Reggie Brown and they have a talented tight end in L.J. Smith.

From a betting perspective, you have to love the Eagles as they fly under the radar due to all the attention on the Redskins, Cowboys and Giants. Value can be found here!

Speaking of the Cowboys, the Bill Parcells and Terrell Owens era is about to come into our living rooms in the next month and most handicappers are expecting big things in Irving. If Parcells can get the offensive line straighten away, points will be plentiful. Owens demands double coverage so Terry Glenn and Jason Whitten will have huge years.

Another move that should lead to more wins and more scoring was the signing of veteran kicker Mike Vanderjadt!


He is the most accurate kicker in NFL history and a must have for a Cowboys team that lost at least three games last season because of poor kicking. Vanderjadt replaces the blundering threesome of Billy Cundiff, Shaun Suisham and Jose Cortez and should provide some colorful quotes for the media.

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